Hallsville United Methodist Church
Monday, January 21, 2019
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Job Openings

Part-Time Music Interim Position

Hallsville United Methodist Church is hiring a part-time interim music leader for Sunday worship. We require proficiency in an instrument (either piano or guitar), vocal ability and a familiarity with both modern and traditional Christian worship music. On average, the Music Director leads 3 to 4 songs with the congregation and plays one piece independently during our offering. Our service is at 10:30am and we have a music rehearsal at 9am followed by a quick worship meeting at 10am. There may be one to two other vocalists from our church as well that will rehearse with the Interim. If the Interim has other competent acquaintances that would like to play/sing with them then they are welcomed to do so. We are able to pay $25 a week for secondary assistance from skilled vocalists/instrumentalists. We will need an Interim for 1-5 months as we search to fill the Music Director position. Please email Pastor Jim Voigt at pastorjimvoigt@gmail.com in order to set up an appointment for a combined interview and audition.