Back to School: Lessons from the Magi

By Craig Stevenson As our kids go back to school, they face more uncertainty than in my life time. Anxiety is high for everyone. The stakes are potentially higher. In this time when we need to breathe, let’s open Matthew Chapter 2 together—it’s the story of Jesus being born. Plot twist: I want to focus on the magi, the wise … Read More

Healing Others at the Pool

By Craig Stevenson During the calendar of the church, summer is when attendance drops to its lowest points of the year. Most summers this is because calendars are full of vacations, camping, summer camps, and other fun things. This year, well. We know. COVID-19. Instead, we’re spending time in our own pools. Maybe this “pool” is your pond, lake, or … Read More

Be a “Paul” For Today’s “Onesimus”

By Craig Stevenson First, stop here and get your bible. Read the Book of Philemon. It will take you as long to go get your Bible as it does to read the Book of Philemon. It is 25 verses long—the entire book! The story is simple. Paul is writing from jail to Philemon. He’s begging Philemon to free Onesimus and … Read More

Lament & Praise

By Craig Stevenson A group of us at Hallsville UMC are doing the “Bible Recap”—a chronological daily reading to read the Bible in a year. In the past few weeks, we’ve been in-and-out of the Book of Psalms. I’m reminded, as we read this, how beautiful, sincere, and urgent they are. Some are full of pain, sorrow, anger, but yet … Read More


By Craig Stevenson As I reflect on COVID-19 and its impact on our lives over the last 2-3 weeks, my eyes are continually being shown the opportunities (or this circumstance) that makes it possible to do something…different. I’m reminded of the Parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10: 30-37). The Samaritan was living his normal life and an opportunity arose. … Read More

The Merging of Mozambican & American Culture

By Craig Stevenson Those who know me well—know that I tell a story about getting to know a man at the Mozambican Embassy here in the USA several years ago. The man was finishing his tour of duty as a consular services member. I asked him what he would miss about the USA and was most excited about in returning … Read More