Ever Heard of Liminality?

By Jim Voigt Last week I spent several days in online lectures and discussions as a part of a new program I am in on non-profit and church leadership. One of the words that kept popping up in discussions was one I had never heard of before: “liminality”. I had to look it up. The words liminal and liminality are … Read More

Watching & Waiting

By Jim Voigt In June we jumped back into the saddle of regular worship services at HUMC. I say regular, but nothing is as it used to be. We moved from a 10:30am service to two different services: 9am and 11am. We took the greeting time out as well as passing the baskets for the offering. We don’t have Children’s … Read More

When People Aren’t What You Need Them To Be

By Jim Voigt Sometimes people aren’t enough. You want your father to be more affirming. You want your spouse to be more thoughtful. You want your friend to be more encouraging. You want your boss to notice your 120% effort and praise you for it. It’s not unusual at all to be unhappy in life because people don’t respond to … Read More

Learning to Fight

By Jim Voigt I took my fair share of punches in elementary school.  I’d call them fights but some where fights and some were just me taking punches.  I was usually sticking up for the kid who was taking some abuse.  Learning to fight is not something we talk about in church much but can be of great importance.  If … Read More

Trying to Come Together

By Jim Voigt The Tower of Babel in Genesis 11 is an odd story. It’s placed early in the book of Genesis and seems to be connected with the movement of early Middle Eastern people moving from rural lives to urban. They are building a great city for themselves along with a tower so tall that it reaches to the heavens. It appears … Read More

God’s Strength in Difficult Times

By Jim Voigt Sometimes we just need a reminder. We need a reminder about God’s strength and care for us during difficult times. Memorizing scripture is a way to keep the Word of the Lord constantly with us. When I was in Elementary School, my Nana helped me memorize the 23rd Psalm. By helping me, I mean she bribed me. … Read More

Just Do It

By Jim Voigt Are you old enough to remember Nike’s winning tag line? Does it even still exist, I don’t know? “Just do it” captures the challenge of pushing into the great unknown. As people, we love predictability because predictability is safe. Some people are geared towards danger. They have a greater tolerance for all of the things that can … Read More

Direction Dilemma

By Jim Voigt We are in the middle of a great ethical dilemma right now. On one side we have the Coronavirus that can spread quickly, make people severely sick and possibly kill those who have vulnerable immune systems. On the other side we have the highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression. If we open up the economy full … Read More

The New Normal

By Jim Voigt As I sit down to write this, it’s been about a week now of minimized activity within our communities. This morning the order went out that we are all to “stay at home” except for essential activities until April 24th in Boone County. This is a whole new world for nearly all of us; it almost seems … Read More