THE SKINNY: HUMC has been invited to join with other churches in the area to help with the monthly Hallsville Food pantry. The Food Bank for Central & NE MO will provide all of the food needed for distribution (produce, canned and packaged foods, vouchers for milk, bread, eggs, etc). We ask that volunteers are able to help setup, distribute food, carry bagged food to vehicles, and clean-up afterwards. If you are interested in volunteering, we would love for you to add your name to the event form at any time leading up to the event date. If something comes up and you are no longer able to serve, you may remove your name by revisiting this page and selecting "clear", however, volunteers are "locked-in" three (3) days prior to the event date. Please contact us at if your volunteer status has been locked, but you are unable to volunteer.

Food Pantry Address (Hallsville Baptist Church): 115 Elizabeth St, Hallsville, MO 65255

Hallsville Food Pantry