HEART for HALLSVILLE had its first day of service on September 23, 2018. At that time, it was called “Church-wide Service Day” as we were specifically calling our church to step out of its comfort zone of a typical Sunday morning service to, instead, perform strategic acts of service in Hallsville. Those who were on the planning team lined up service sites where work needed to be done for organizations and individuals who could use a helping hand. Once we had completed our first day of service, we met back at home base and shared a meal together. The entire day went off without a hitch and we were able to serve Hallsville with over 60 volunteers using their different talents and abilities. Here’s a little of what we accomplished that day:

  • Homes received some TLC with yard work and minor home repairs
  • Trash pickup was performed on a large section of Route B
  • Tribble park received some TLC with yard work and beautification
  • PET Carts were assembled at Mobility Worldwide in Columbia
  • Painting of Hallsville Intermediate School bathrooms

As we approach our next service day on September 22, 2019, our plan is to broaden our volunteer base and Serve-Site locations. We desire for more churches, organizations and individuals to partner with us so we can meet the varying needs of our community. We hope you are compelled to join us so that we can make the biggest impact for our community possible! Will you join us?